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Cottontails, Feb 2

Thanks to all the warm layers and hand warmers we were able to play outside for half of the class! The Cottontails were tasked with a treasure hunt, they had to decipher the clues to find the hidden letters. Ask your Cottontail what "sliding while eating brains" was. After successfully finding all the hidden letters in our forest the Cottontails had to steal the treasure from the dragon. After many failed attempts on the very last try the Cottontails prevailed and together stole the gems. Ask your Cottontail how they stole the treasure from the dragon.

During free time the Coyotes planted a flag on our spot claiming it for their own, which the Cottontails finally removed after much sword fighting and chasing. We then invited the Coyotes to slid on our new ice hill and played a chaotic game of Chuck the chicken!

Once we went inside the Cottontails were inspired to make their own flags, some worked together, some created class flags while others wanted individual flags. There were both peace and war flags that were distinguishable because of the colors used. Ask your Cottontail what kind of flag they made and if it was for war or peace.

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