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Cottontails, Dec 15

Brrrrr it was a chilly start to the day so thank you for sending your Cottontails dressed as warmly as possible, it made for a fun morning outside! We stayed moving by playing games, trying out mini stick Hockey, climbing and sliding up and down the hills. Ask your Cottontail their favorite way to stay warm? Some of the Cottontails followed a coding scavenger hunt using pig pen and Morse code? they were able to find and decipher all the clues which lead to mini candy canes. Ask your cottontail which code is their favorite to read?

Then we had the much anticipated cook out with the Coyotes, who brought over wood and their fire knowledge. We were able to assist in gathering tinder and helping to light the fires. It was a wonderful time roasting marshmallows around the fires and practicing our fire skills like not suffocating the fire but also not letting it burn out, and keeping our fires to an appropriate size for the container and park. Thanks so much Coyotes ! Have a great Holidays and New year!

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