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Cottontails, April 5

The highlight of this beautiful spring day was discovering that one of the logs at our new spot was rotting and becoming spongy on the inside, which made it very easy and fun to take apart with our tools! This turned out to be a great opportunity for social learning.

The Cottontails began working in two groups on opposite ends of the log and were arguing about whose hole in the log was biggest, but eventually they decided to work together, combining their sites to make a dugout canoe shape. It was interesting to see the group dynamics shift, by consensus, to working together instead of competing.

"Whose cut is biggest?"

"Guys, its not a competition!" - Dennan

"Let's combine our holes soon!" - Ted

Connecting questions:

- How did you decide to combine your cuts/holes on the log?

- What tool did you like using?

- Do you ever have to wait for a turn to use a tool and what is that like?

- Did someone share a tool with you?

More moments from our day with lots of imaginative play...

We love climbing the helicopter tree!

Making a ladybug potion from muddy water.

"We have a little bit of a ladybug potion. It might be a bit gross to us, but it's yummy to ladybugs." - Maddie

"It has lots of calories that are good for ladybug survival." - Ted

The Cottontails named this meltwater "the Tiny Bow River".

"I'm squishing the tiny Bow River!" - Cosma

Investigating the "ladybug nest" site.

"Guys, did you know we have our own backpack hooks?" - Denan

"We have two ladybugs!"

"Put it in the nest!"

"Put it on my stick!"

Successfully starting a fire with a magnifying glass

Making bug houses

Egg painting

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