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Cottontails, April 13

We practiced our strategic thinking in a number of ways this week and stretched our storytelling muscles.

  • We played Capture the Flag, something we've been building up to by playing simpler versions of the game and working on our communication, speed, and skill in games we know well like Zombie Ant and Yeti Ball.

Players enjoyed finding sneaky ways to hide the flag and working together to invade the other team's territory once a flag had been found.

  • We schemed about how to prank the Coyotes back after some of our backpacks were stolen and the whole group contributed ideas.

While we ended up having to surrender their flag in exchange for our backpacks, one of the benefits of playing with an older group is that we're challenged to think creatively. Everyone's invested in coming up with ideas each week that can fuel our friendly rivalry or create peaceful opportunities for our groups to bond.

  • We played with coloured snow in the kitchen and mixed up poisons and antidotes!

  • Ms. Megan told us the story of how the king's dog was banished from the castle using her story cards.

We took time to notice who the different characters were in the story, what events made the story meaningful, and even imagined what could happen if new characters were added.

Connecting questions

  • Do you have ideas for how to help your team next time you play Capture the Flag?

  • If you could make your own story using some of the cards you remember from Ms. Megan's story, which cards would you choose?

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