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Collecting Winter Items for Afghan Refugees

One of our mom's works at CCIS, which is collecting winter items for new Afghans who are resettling in Canada! A complete list of clothing/items can be found here: but there is a quick list below! Also, keep in mind that they need all layers of clothing that are thicker and suited to Canadian winters.

If you have extras you can spare, there will be a box on the porch of the Cabin, 661 3rd Ave NW with a label on it. You can place your clothing and outdoor gear there. Thank you so much for helping these new Canadians get ready for winter!

  • New or very lightly used warm winter clothing

  • Boots, shoes, and socks

  • Luggage (suitcases, duffle bags, carry-ons)

  • Backpacks

  • School supplies

  • Baby items (diapers, formula, baby clothes)

  • New or lightly used clothing

  • Flip flops or slippers

  • Small toys and supplies for children (No plush toys, please.)

  • Groceries & toiletries

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