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Chickadees, Oct 20

Most of the Chickadees took an adventurous route to our spot this week through the trees and they found a different entrance to the dragon's home. Those that didn't go this way were a big help pushing the wagon up the hill. They made the wagon feel very light today. We're building them up for longer explorations in the winter when we keep moving to stay warm.

The theme of the day was bats so when everyone had arrived we read a story about a bat and a squirrel who became friends living in the same home. We played games in small groups, cheering each other on and supporting each other. During free-time a game of Star Wars started with Archer being Darth Vadar and Callum a stormtrooper. Anyone who wanted to join got to pick who their character was and battle Darth Vadar. The tool circle and kitchen were popular too!

We also introduced a nature craft and those that wanted to could make a bat by collecting and gluing leaves and sticks to a bat shape. The children could decide how their bat looked and there was a lot of enjoyment spreading the glue around and getting sticky. It also gave us the opportunity to talk about camouflage as the bats blended in so well with all the fallen leaves that sometimes bats were lost that were actually right next to their creator.

Connecting Questions:

Did you go adventuring with Miss Jessie? How far did you go?

Did you help Miss Dawn pull the wagon up the hill?

What was it like using the white glue? Did you like the feel of it?

What did you do with the potato?

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