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Chickadees, May 4

Last week looking through the binoculars we brought was such a hit, we decided to make some of our own this time. Soon we may venture on an exploratory walk and see what we can discover looking through them.

We also enjoyed lots of imaginative play, much of it centering as it usually does around the world of Ninjago. Traps were made with ropes to try to trip up the bad guy, and trees were climbed to achieve a good hiding spot. It was interesting to observe new children joining in.

We also had plenty of physical learning and lots of laughs trying out the game Duck Duck Goose, wrestling, and taking turns on the zipline. We talked about asking permission before you wrestle someone and checking in about whether they like it, and with the zipline many children grew in confidence climbing the ladder to get on and figuring out how to sit on the swing.

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