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Chickadees, March 2

We had a fun and busy class! Most of the Chickadees were back together and ready to play. We scrambled and slid up the icy path chasing bubbles on the way and stopping at the bench to sing 5 Green and Speckled Frogs. We had to take turns on who got to jump off the log on to the icy pond and freeze. This was how the Chickadees wanted to sing it.

At our spot there was fort building where we were collecting logs to help the builders, hammering and a few games. Some of the Chickadees enjoyed changing the way we played Bobcat,Squirrel so they didn't get caught by the Bobcats. Another game had part of the class hide cones for the other group to find. We had to look carefully to find some of the well hidden cones. It was also fun to find them and hide them again for someone else to find.

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