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Chickadees, Jan 20

Themes Explored:

  • Squirrels; how to identify where a squirrel has been, what they eat, their nests, what colours their fur can be, features like teeth, toes, tail, why they store pinecones and nuts and what their tracks look like.

  • Field Guides; how forest schoolers use them and what we can learn from them.

  • Ropes and knots.

  • Soap carving.

Skills embraced:

  • Crafty creative fine motor; squirrel making with pinecones, thread and spruce branches.

  • Using saws; to cut spruce branches for squirrels.

  • Imaginative play with squirrels.

  • Identifying and searching; pinecone treasure hunt.

  • Initiating games and free play; mud kitchen.

  • Use of field guides to answer questions that arise.

  • Carving skills; soap carving.

Connection Questions:

  • Who was the secret visitor to your spot? How did you know that animal had been there? Did you see him before you slid down the hill?

  • How many pinecones did you find?

  • Did play with your squirrel in the tree branches? Did you bring your squirrel home to play in your yard?

  • Did you see the squirrel footprints in the sidewalk? Does a squirrel have toes, how many?

  • What did you learn about squirrels? What do they eat, what do they like to do with nuts and pinecones?

  • Did you play in the spider web trap Wyatt, Parker and Neil were making?

  • Did you try the vanilla mud muffins Neil made? Did you try Archer's recipe for mud cakes? Did you help make the mud cakes?

  • Did you enjoy soap carving?

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