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Chickadees, Feb 2

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The Chickadees had so much fun playing in the cold weather. We started with a treasure hunt and the Chickadees worked together to find and collect all the cones along the path to our spot. We slid on the ice and play a few games to keep moving including a collecting game where the Chickadees had to find the ingredients to make stew for their stuffie friends. The chickadees also had to use their hawk eyes to spot the stuffed animals hiding in the forest.

Then we continued to one of our favorite places the bike track! Ask your Chickadee there favorite thing about the bike track? the hills? the trees? the mud? The bike track protected us from the wind and allowed the Chickadees to invent some of their own games and activities. We had track making, ball rolling, soccer, snow angels and hill climbing to name a few. Ask your Chickadee which game they invented. After almost two hours of outside play we headed into the Cabin for snacks and a few books.

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