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Chickadees, 24 Feb

Themes Explored:

Fire and flammable materials and match lighting practice. We used a Kelly Kettle to make a fire, from collected sticks, to boil our water and enjoy a cup of tea and a story. We experimented with what we thought would burn and built confidence adding materials to a fire safely. We also all practiced lighting matches and discussed safety and technique.

Bears and especially what they eat. We have been very fortunate to have a bear hide (including face and paw with claws) to examine and explore in class this week, this sparked a great many questions and a lot of sharing of things we know about bears. We enjoyed some wonderful books including "The Very Hungry bear" and and "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" and a National Geographic and Kingfisher Reader guides on Bears and some very enthusiastic discussion about everything bears!

Skills Embraced:

Tree climbing. We climbed trees like bears. Learning what branches are strong enough to carry our weight and developed balance, strength and confidence.

Fire skills and safety, especially match lighting. Learning how to hold and strike a match and how to drop it safely.

Carving skills. We began a boat carving project today to extend our soap carving skills. Learning to apply appropriate pressure and improving fine motor skill and control in carving.

Effective communication and respectful play skills. Managing resources with other children, negotiating in play and expressing oneself.

Connection Questions:

What did you learn about bears? What do they like to eat? Are they omnivores, carnivores or herbivores? What are some different types of bears you learnt about and what is something interesting you learnt about them? Do you remember the sun bear with its big tongue, why does it have a long tongue? Where do polar bears live? What do Pandas eat? Are there any foods you like that bears like too?

Did you try the mud cupcakes Neil was making or the chocolate mud cake Wyatt made? Did you make anything in the mud kitchen?

Did you have fun climbing trees like a bear?

Did you enjoy practicing lighting matches? Did you light your match right away or did it take some practice?

Did you enjoy our little tea and story time? How did you boil the water for the tea?

What happened in the story Miss Jessie told about the bear?

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