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Burrowing Owls, Sept 9

Good morning Burrowing Owls! After some name games to meet the many new faces we headed up to our spot, once we settled on a place we created a beautiful mandala with the items we had collected on the way up. These owls were on the move, exploring our hillside and burning off energy. Some of the owls hunkered down in the tool circle and carved gnomes or spears. We worked on our journals and will be finishing those up next class. Looking forward to playing more games and trying challenges with this group!

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Jessie Veronelly graduated from the U of A with a BA in Environmental Studies with a major in the Outdoor Stream.  She has worked as a Backroads leader, river guide and climbing instructor, and has education and experience in group management as well as leading children's camps.  Beyond all of this, Jessie is a kind and warm person who really connects with the kids on their level and lets them learn at their own pace, letting each child be their own, unique person.