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Burrowing Owls, Oct 12

This was our coldest start to Forest School so far and although many were cold, especially hands, none complained. Pushing the wagon up the hill was a great way to keep warm and playing running games. So as we move closer to winter, a few tips on dressing for cold days!

Top: t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, winter jacket

Bottom: long johns/pj pants/stockings/thermals (whatever you call them!), pants (not jeans), rain pants or snow pants

Hands: Winter mitts or gloves (mittens are warmest), thin underlayer gloves help a lot.

Feet: warmest socks with extras in the backpack (ski socks) and waterproof, winter boots or hiking shoes

Accessories: toque, neck warmer and mittens, extra pairs of each

That will help! In outdoor adventures, it's the adversity that brings us together and creates that sense of adventure and community.

The Burrowing Owls today divided in to two groups depending on their interests. One group explored the Bluff more and the other group focused on carving projects in the tool circle. One thing brought everyone back together. The explorers found a letter on the Bluff from a caregiver to their child, who had died recently. The letter had been sent on the wind and was left where it was found. For everyone who read it and those of us that heard the story from the other group we reflected on our feelings.

Connecting Questions:

What did you do to keep warm?

How did you feel hearing about the letter?

Did you use a new tool?

What is your current carving/building project?

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