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Burrowing Owls, May 31

The Burrowing Owls love playing moose ball in its' many different forms so we introduced them to handball, a game the Owls class had been playing at the beginning of the year. We always like some friendly competition so we welcomed some students from the Owls class to play handball against the Burrowing Owls. They were formidable competition but the Burrowing Owls played fiercely and won.

The Owls joined us for canoe carving in our sit spot. We're carving the bow and stern of the canoe and then we'll move on to gouge out the inside. We're hoping they will be ready for us to take canoeing on the 21st June.

Connecting Questions:

What games did you play against the Owls? Did you have a favourite?

Which side of a boat is port and starboard? Bow and Stern?

How easy is it for you carving your canoe?

What would you like to do in the last weeks of Forest School?

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