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Burrowing Owls, June 9

This week we read a book called Shin-chi's Canoe, by Nicola I. Campbell. It is about a boy joining his sister in residential school, saying goodbye to the land and his family and counting the days until he can return. We talked a little about the children who were on the land before we were here, and we had a few moments of silence to honour the 215 children who were found. We hope in this small way we continue to take steps in the ongoing work of reconciliation.

Themes Explored:

-architecture and structural stability

-a great discussion on why we can pick grass but can't cut down trees; sustainability and environmental management

-spear throwing (it's a skill, trust me!)

-public art


Skills Embraced:

-spear throwing

-the good vibes of working on a project together

-creating art out of our memories

-creating art for others to enjoy

-a group art project was made using a piece of plywood in the fort. The collaboration was wonderful to see, as sometimes the group struggles with all of our eccentricities (we all have them, including me!)

Connection Questions:

What does the fort look like now? What do you think the group should add to it? What is the secret to spear throwing? What is the secret to working with pine cones?

Hello! Traditionally, we have celebrated your child's growth over the year and their last class with an open invitation to parents and siblings to join us at the end of class for a tour led by your child. They would show you their favourite spots, lead you in activities, or play a group game together. This year, things will be different!

In order to comply with regulations, we will invite you to a forest school time with your family group! Your child's class is preparing their favourite things to show you, but it won't be able to happen during class time. We will come down to the meeting spot at the regular time, and you will be invited, if you are able, to go back up with your child for a tour led by your child.

I will email more instructions next week, but for now, mark your calendars for June 16 for Burrowing Owls, from 12 - 1 pm. If you can't make it, or if your child is heading back to school, let me know and I will prepare a 'take away guided adventure' for your child to use with their family whenever it is convenient!

They are quite excited about what they can 'make' you do! Be prepared to be active!

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