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Burrowing Owls, June 21

What a great way to end our year together!

Everyone brushed up their canoeing skills, and learned to pry and the draw stroke. Everyone had a turn in the bow and stern of the canoe so they all had a go at steering and keeping themselves going straight forward. There was a game of British Bulldog in the canoes, which I do believe the teachers were the winners!

All the Burrowing Owls did well paddling and there were no frustrations about canoe partners not controlling the boats, which can easily happen. The instructor told us they were impressed as soon as we got in the canoes so we must be amazing!

We had to finish the year with the Tournament of Tournaments of the Moose Game. And although officially there were gold, silver and bronze medals for us, I think the real winner is Moose for being thrown around, yanked and bounced on the ground in all weathers with such an enthusiastic group.

We hope you have an amazing summer, Lea and Dawn.

Connecting Questions:

- Show me how to do a draw and pry.

- How did you do steering the canoe?

- Which did you prefer, games or free paddling?

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