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Burrowing Owls, June 14

The rain did not deter us today! After our first order of business (set up our shelter! We were thankful for all the practice we had done over the year!) we decided to keep warm with some games and some challenges.

One challenge involved getting everyone over a very high 'wall', or bar tied up in a tree. After they had tried it once, they changed their strategy based on who needed the most help. Once they had evaluated this, it was easy!

Another challenge involved leading their team around the Bluff in a 'human caterpillar' formation, with the head of the caterpillar blindfolded! They had to guide their 'head' to the hidden flags - the first to 6 won! Having tried it myself, I can report that it is scary being pushed around the forest, with no idea of what twigs are in front of you, or what logs are underfoot. All the 'heads' reported the same, but trusted their team to lead them to the flags in safety!

Ask your Owls:

-which was harder for you, the 'Wall' challenge or the "Find the Flag' challenge? Why?

-how did you need to use your team in both challenges?

-which one would you prefer to do alone? Why?

Your Burrowing Owl took their Trysticks home, and also their journals - have a look together and they will tell you what it all means!

Next week we meet at Bowness Park, in the 'round about' near the cafe, at 8:45. Our class starts at 9:00. Make sure you've given your $10 to a teacher, and have returned your waiver! Pick-up is at 11:45 at the same spot - thank you!

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