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Burrowing Owls, Jan 18

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Fire was the exciting prospect for our morning and we did, eventually, sit round the fires roasting marshmallows, apples, hotdogs - thank you for sending food!

I say eventually because we waited until the end of class so we didn't cool down too much sitting still by a small fire. We each shared our highs and lows of the class. There were several different highs and the cold came up a lot as the Burrowing Owls low point of the day.

Setting up a tyre challenge the Burrowing Owls showed incredible patience and persistence in throwing the rope over a branch to get the tyre hanging. Everyone wanted multiple turns and they supported each other making sure the number of tries was even. The challenge was to get across the "Pit of Doom" without being harmed. The tyre swing was a big hit!

Connecting Questions:

- What was your high and low of the morning?

- How did you get across the "Pit of Doom" in the tyre challenge?

- Did you try the 3-way tug of war?

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