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Burrowing Owls, February 8

Each week a different B.Owl takes takes the sled up to our they get it there is up to them! Some like to do it on their own, and others ask for help. Today, it was so slippery we all tried to help! A small but daily example of how we develop both team work and independence at Forest School!

While we are exploring compass work and finding our way with a compass, we'd never want this to be a skill in isolation; it will make the learning much more relevant if we can use it in a real world situation! We hope to take the Burrowing Owls to another park where they can test our their compass skills in a place they are unfamiliar with. They made good strides in learning to read the 8 cardinal directions, some of them even getting into compass degrees!

In order to continue our sledding physics, we found the last piece of snow on the bluff and recording our times and distance. Next week, we'll figure out our speed and compare the two sledding hills, and perhaps our strategies!

The Burrowing Owls are excellent at getting a fire going, especially when there is food to be cooked! Ms. Dawn made a new recipe with yogurt and flour, and after we figured out the technique, we found it delicious!

Some of us are wondering why we do Sit Spots at Forest School; they are a place of solitude and wonder, and although difficult (being alone is hard!) they are one of the core routines of Forest School and we wouldn't want to deprive them of this gift!

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