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Burrowing Owls, Feb 15

We had an Olympic event this morning. Calvin introduced the rest of the group to Tireball at the bike track, a game he created over the last few weeks. We kept score and gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded, having been carefully made by Calvin.

There was some excitement as we met up with the Rabbits so they could complete the compass direction treasure hunts we created last week. We started with a simple compass game as a refresher of the directions, which everyone picked up easily and then the Burrowing Owls led the Rabbits through a treasure hunt. A few clues were given along the way but not too many! The Burrowing Owls had thought through their directions and set the Rabbits up to be successful. Nicely done, Burrowing Owls!

Connecting Questions

- How do you play Tireball? What did you think of the game?

- Do you think the Rabbits enjoyed the treasure hunt?

- What was the treasure?

- What would you like to do if we meet up with the Rabbits again?

- What do you like to do during free-time?

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