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Burrowing Owls, Apr 5

Did the Burrowing Owls survive a stormy night in their stick and tarp shelter?

There was some disappointment to arrive at the spot and see parts of the shelter had been taken down, probably by another group but the Burrowing Owls quickly started repairs and carried on building. The location of the shelter changed a couple of times but after working together, sharing ideas and solving problems everyone was happy to test the shelter with rain and wind when they were inside. They were confident!

After the tests we talked about how they felt the group worked as a team. Some thought their ideas were listened to and others said they shared ideas but they didn't feel heard. Something to build on in our next survival challenge.

There was not an organised sit spot this week but we can see how important it is for the children as they created their own sit spot time in class. Some found that alone time when carving or reading or eating a snack when everyone else was busy with the shelter.

Connecting Questions:

- Would you change anything about the shelter?

- The next time we do a team challenge, would you change how you communicated with the rest of the group?

- What role do you play in a group?

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