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Burrowing Owls, Apr 19

We were excited to see one of the pair of Great Horned Owls currently roosting on 4A Street. We later found out from the Rabbits class that the other owl was flying around the bluff and checking them out! Looking under the owl tree we found owl pellets. Some had bones visible and we took them back to our spot to see if we could work out what kind of bones they were and what animal prey they came from. Some of the Burrowing Owls wanted to find skulls in the pellets.

Under the shelter of some spruce trees the Burrowing Owls got busy inventing a ball rolling course. They had some inspiration from this video and then created their own. We will continue this next week so if there are any items your child would like bring to add to the ball rolling they can. You can see the finished course in the video below.

Connecting Questions:

Did you find any skulls or part of them? What did you notice?

Why would an owl make a pellet?

How did you help in putting the tarp shelter up?

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