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Wednesday, May 6

The morning class spent the majority of their time observing and catching bugs! The anthill by our spot has been very active which allows us to watch them. Everyone has their own comfort level with bugs, some children loved getting right down low and watching while others prefers to have them in a container. Some of the children made bug homes other enjoyed the swinging on the slack line. The afternoon class played games, completed an obstacle course and then spent time crafting, carving and building forts. These classes are also experimenting with wires and beads which we will be doing more of next week!

At home activities

Spider craft

The next bug we explored was the spider. We used a pom pom for its body, wire legs and a felt face.

Bug houses

Juice Cartoons filled with toilet paper tubes allows for little chambers that can filled with rocks, twigs, pine cones, moss and other organic material.

Pylon game

Two teams and each one has a set of pylons that have balls balancing on them (or anything that is balanced). The goal is to knock over the other teams balls using your feet or hands. Once you cross the center line you can be tagged and have to go back to your side.

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