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Tuesday, May 19

Tuesday morning we started with finding and learning about spruce trees, and other coniferous friends. After identifying and collecting we brewed a pot of spruce needle tea! Collecting and experimenting with the edible plants at our spot continued into free time. There was lots of tool use during class and we started our wire trees, stay tuned for this multi week projects!

Tuesday afternoon was all about ants! We made an ant home using a cardboard tray, creating different rooms (egg room, queen room, food storage) and eventually caught some ants to see if they liked our houses. We then spent the afternoon catching bugs, playing in the kitchen and running around in a few different games.

At home ideas:

Spruce tree

Identify spruce and gather some needles, place them into a tea steeping device and then add some lime and honey for a great rainy day drink. Learn about the benefits of spruce trees!

Wire tree

Small gauge wire and beads, Wrap wire around a rock (that acts as the base) so it looks like roots, then bring the wire together to form the trunk and then have the individual strands part ways to make the branches (next week we will add the leaves) if you need a visual look at last weeks owls post.

Build an ant home

Cardboard try

Grains of rice for eggs

Black seeds of worker ants

Mini marshmallow to represent the queen ant

Nutmeg/honey for food storage rooms

Then see if you can catch some ants!

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