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Tuesday, April 14

The morning class and the afternoon class looked a little different today! The morning class experimented with a version of Monopoly for our space; properties were actual spaces in our park (like a bench, a fence, a group of spruces) that now certain teams own. It was put on pause to have some free time for soccer and fort building!

In the afternoon we explored ziplines again, this time with an extra challenge; you must have a launch at the end, or a chain reaction. After much trail and error, each team was successful! There was a lot of listening to each person on the team, and trying out each idea to see the merits (or gaps!) in each design.

Both groups had the chance to practice 'noticing'; we practiced a game where the children took turns noticing who was changing the pattern. Then, we took some metal parts to our Sit Spot to keep our fingers busy and also to notice what is around us!


The family sits in a circle. One person starts a pattern (for example, tapping knees with both hands) and then changes the pattern (tapping head) and everyone must follow along. One person leaves the room and a 'Head' is chosen. The person returns, and the game begins. The Head begins a pattern that the others must follow, without letting on that they are following a specific person (try using peripheral vision). The one who left the room must figure out who is leading the pattern changes. Once they do, another person leaves the room and a new Head is chosen.

Now, a Sit Spot! Head outside with some bits of wire, loose metal parts (nuts, washers, hexes, anything!) and fiddle around with it, while noticing in your peripheral vision what is happening! Is there a bird coming closer to you? Is there a ladybug crawling nearby? Is that dog barking again? Did the neighbour come into their yard? Try to take 10 min in your quiet place. It is said that it takes 20 min for 'nature' to get used to you being there and start acting normal again. A challenge!

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