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Thursday, May 7

Thursday classes were filled with games, card tag, around the world and nutty squirrel. We did our morning obstacle race and there was plenty of tree and hill climbing. The morning class had awesome teamwork as they built a Fort/Tipi in record breaking time and was harvesting alfalfa to munch on. The afternoon class was busy creating all sorts of weapons in the tool circle to play with . This class is starting a month long wire and beads project !

At home activities

Local edibles

Find a couple plants in your neighborhood and learn about them or research some plants that are edible and try to find them in the our local parks

Beading and wire

Using wire and beads to create sculptures, or hanging art works. We used beading to help create a focus during sit spot.

Card tag

There is two teams who each get half a deck of cards. The "captain" of each team finds a spot to sit and in in charge of the deck while the other players start with a card. The goal is to tag the other teams captain, if you get tagged or tag someone trying to get to the captain, who ever has the higher card wins and brings the cards back to their captain and gets a new one. If a captain gets tagged then they flip over the card on top of the deck. If captain loses then they must give half their deck to the other team.

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