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Thursday, June 11

The month of June is about look back over our year and thinking about how we've changed and what we've learned. A big part of that, this year, has involved a felting activity we are completing with each class. Each creation is a three-week process, and reflects their experience of Forest School. We are so impressed by the beauty and creativity of what they have created!

The Owls are really trying to spend as much time as possible together these days! Many games were played today; Team Card Flip, Launch the Loofah, Mafia, Poison, Osprey and Nutty Squirrel. In between all the group time, some took some rest time to make gnomes ("meeples"), using their sewing skills and encouraging each other in their progress. Other's went exploring and added to a park they had started in the fall (an elevator!), while others still used the metal bits to make circuits and tinker. We are always impressed at their creativity ! Sometimes just adding a new loose part (a jar of fuses, some blank peg dolls, some felt and a needle and thread) can spark an idea and off they go!

ACTIVITIES FOR AT HOME: Walk around your house and make a collection of 'lost items'; one screw, elastics, a few bolts, a hinge, a sponge...put it all together and challenge your family to create. You could have categories; something that moves, something that lifts, something that will hold weight, the cutest thing. Or, just sit together and tinker! Yarn and pipe cleaners and zip ties are welcome additions.

Carving: Whether or not your child has a knife at home, they can carve this snake! With a glove on the hand holding the wood, round out the end of a very curvy stick you found. Without a knife, you can use sandpaper or a file to try and make it round. Next, take off all the bark. Lastly, paint interesting pattern on it's back!

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