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Survivor, March 24

Because this group had asked for more large group activities, and less competitive challenges, they were able to make a lot of the decisions today! We began with some tool use; some chose to make ninja stars, and some decided to design swings! Using the ropes and tarps and figuring out the best knots to use was good experience! We then participated in an obstacle course - it turns out it takes about 1 min to do the entire course - some got 5 laps done in 5 min! The rope swing was the favourite, as was the army crawl! We ended our day with a game of camoflague, and a discussion on which challenges were hard, which were surprising, and which we'd like to do more of. First Aid, tools, shelter and swings seemed to be the favourites!

Thanks for this opportunity to spend time with your children! They are wonderful, and I hope they get a chance to explore some of these areas more in the future!

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