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Squirrels, Sept 28

We kicked off our day by trying out Mr. James's ukulele. We noted that different things strumming the ukulele made slightly different sounds and we tried using a pick, a leaf, a strap and of course, our fingers.

Continuing from our bird spotting activity last week, we finally found a flicker! During story and snack we saw a bird party of magpies and flickers. We had been looking for a flicker for the last few weeks so this was quite exciting.

Today we brought a plant press so we went looking for plants to put in. The plants will be dried and flat when we open it next week. We also went on a nature walk and learned an Indigenous story about the trembling aspen for Truth and Reconciliation Day.

We practiced each other's names by doing an activity where we had to say our name and do an action based on things we like to do, then others had to guess the action.

In free play, some children decided to play Camouflage and Where's My Dinner. Some were extra good at pointing out someone who moved! Two children played family, and made a couch and dining table out of some forest school stuff. They even choose bedrooms in a tree and had pretend food.

Near the end of the day everyone was dreaming up creations made with ropes. We made traps, swings, and pulleys on our big tree.

At the end of class Mr. James told us a funny story about Coyote and Rosehip berries. Ask your child about the silly name these berries can sometimes have!

What a beautiful fall morning we had.

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