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Squirrels, Oct 15

The Squirrels are taking an interest in the amazing leaves we are discovering in the bluff! In their weaving looms, they added berries and grass to their leaf art! Up at our site, they used some of these leaves to decorate; they painted and sewed these wonderful gifts of fall! Some of the children began to carve, experimenting with making a square piece of wood round. Things we were practicing were; opening and closing the knife, wearing gloves to carve, the direction of the knife, the 'lying down' of the knife...we will have more carving practice next week! This week, your children can add leaves from your neighbourhood to their looms!

We also read from the book The Little Hummingbird; if you'd like to see the animation of

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas' work, you can go to:

We will be exploring how someone so small can make an impact on our group at Forest School, and the world!

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