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Squirrels, May 3

Today the Squirrels put their fine motor skills to the test with a sewing lesson. A few students got so absorbed in this activity that they worked on their projects for almost the whole class!

Others opted for a lightsabre battle / game of Star Wars that everyone was involved in by the end of the day. The Squirrels built a tarp shelter with rocks as defense towers. When one person yelled "damage alert!" everyone had to hide inside to avoid the explosions. It was great to see the group engage in this imaginative play, with everyone enthusiastically adding to the story.

The signs of Spring were around us everywhere: purple flowers, poplar leaves - fresh from their buds and still sticky, green grass, moss, and singing birds. Next week we'll explore the plants around us more: we're planning to forage and make a salad from edible greens. See you then!

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