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Squirrels, Dec 12

What a beautiful snowy day at forest school, we had a smaller class which lead to some exploration of new spots. After playing pictionary in the snow we headed up to our spot, where the squrriels sledded down the hill! We used dog food bags to slid on and they can be a little tricky to figure out but after several rounds everyone was able to get some speed! Ask your squirrel some of the tricks they had to learn.

Then our silly stuffed animals fell down the hill and we had to rescue them! After the inital rescue we had some more challenges, like working together or not being able to carry the stuffies. It was fun to see how everyone problem solved and worked together to save all the animals. It is a steep hill and the Squirrels worked hard to get back up! Ask your squirrel who they saved and if they used a rope or bucket.

After our animal rescue we headed down to the bike track to explore and run around. It is a different space then our usual spot and the Squirrels were quick to notice the difference! We hope to play some more mapping games down there next time!

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