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Squirrels, 21 Sept

Grey Squirrels looked out for each other as they went on an adventure today, the mission they set for themselves; finding materials to build a snowman out of sticks! We played games, which they added new elements to and pretended to trap each other in webs of ropes. Focused intent work was happening in our tool circle, some worked on making little wooden characters. Squirrels were extending boundaries and developing confidence while tree climbing to new heights as a part of their play. We also celebrated the Fall by painting a gloss coat on leaves we thought were beautiful.

Connection Questions

- What game did you play, what was your role in the game? Did you like the game, how might you like to change it, next time you play it?

- What did you make in tool circle?

- What did you find to use in the snowman made of sticks?

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