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ROwls, Oct 10

It is so wonderful to be back at Forest School! The ROwls had so much to tell me, including their success with the manhole!

We went back to the manhole with the intention of lowering a camera down, and with our double pulley system and the gusto of the class, the lid came right off. We had so much trouble putting it back on, that I ended up calling the City to have them come and return it to it's rightful spot! The ROwls were worried that they would get in trouble, and I told them I would not lie to the City, and would never do something I thought we would get in trouble for.

We are enjoying games! This class loves to move, and has invented some new games, including Moose Game with two moose, and upped their game for Make The Stick Move. You can play this at home!

Next week, Kimberley and Lala will be teaching the ROwls class together. The children know both these teachers, and are looking forward to spending more them with them! This is Part 1 of my classroom training. Part 2 takes place in November. Thank you for your patience with these changes!

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