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Red Squirrels, Nov 22

Today the Squirrels decided on playing at a new spot, we had visited this place before and wanted to stay to enjoy the many forts. After looking around and doing a safety check (structural soundness of forts and climbing tree) we drew a map of our new area. We have been identifying landmarks to use in our mapping, so it was fun to determine new landmarks for this area. Ask your child if they named any of the forts and what they drew on the map... space ship fort, haunted fort, busy tree?

With the beautiful weather we spent a good chunk of the class practicing our carving and tool skills! We also meet our new Red Squirrel, Lincoln! During the tool circle we focused on making points at the end of sticks for either a sword or painting it to become a Santa. There was lots of perseverance as the points took form. Ask your Squirrel if they found the carving challenging and if their was a specific tool they liked using?

During free time their were sword fighting, exploration, tree climbing and building!

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