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Red Squirrels, Mar 28

We continued with our mapping theme from the pervious class. We all drew our bedrooms from the perspective of a bird (birds eye view). It was fun to see everyone's bedroom and practice thinking of the landscape from above. We then plotted our adventure route to a knew spot we found on a map of the bluff. This spot is known as the tear drop and should be a fun spot to explore next week!

The Red Squirrels then practiced their compass work during a scavenger hunt and successfully found the treasure.

During free time some of the Squirrels practiced their carving skills, taking off the bark but also using different techniques to change the shape of the wood, a scooping motion. Ivy tried the tiny hand drills for her pig and Ted is going to make his a multi class project and work on it next week too. Avaleigh built a fort, hauling lots of logs and creating a lovely space for us to all have snack in.

We finished off with animal eye!

Connection Questions:

What was the hardest part about your carving project or fort building? Did something surprise you?

Which emotion rocks did you choose to describe your day?

Did you successfully find all the animals in eye spy?

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