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Red Squirrels, Jan 31

Todays class started with some shelter building, we split into two groups, human shelter and stuffie shelter. The human shelter was modeled after an A frame tent, we hoped this would protect us from the wind. Big rocks and logs were carried over to secure the edges and Ted had an idea for a tarp door to block more wind. Ask your Squirrel what they contributed to the fort or if they helped make the mini stuffie fort?

Once we were inside we spent a little time lighting matched and trying to make more fire starters. How ever it was a little to cold for the wax to melt and not enough snow to safely make fire, we hope next week we can do more fire!

We explored all the icing sections of the bluff and found that the spot right beside us mad for a great slide when using the wood planks! Ask your Squirrel if they tried the ice slide!

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