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Red Squirrels, Dec 13

This morning the Red Squirrels worked together to rescue the stuffed animals from the great ravine! We took our rope skills and added the challenge of a slippery hill. There were many different attempts to save the animals, but the most successful was to throw down a bucket attached to a rope have one person load and then the another person pull it up! They also tried pulleys which made getting the light buckets down the hill easier. Ask your Child which animal they saved? Who they worked with? and their idea?

Then we were able to practice the much anticipated fire skills. We talked about fire safety and the importance of snow to protect the ground. Ask your child if they remember how many times we had to move our mini fire to keep it on snow. We practiced flint and steel and match lighting and then worked together to get a little fire going for the kellykettle. Lincoln also showed us how to make charcoal pencils using the burnt sticks, we will certainly continue making fires after the break! Ask your child if they were able to get sparks with flint and steel?

Have a wonderful Christmas Holidays and Happy new year!

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