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Red Squirrels, April 4

Last week we planned our route to the "tear drop" and this week the Red Squirrels did a great job using the map and compass to guide us there! Along the way we had a backpack rescue which was great fun, the Red Squirrels all worked together until the backpack, its contents and the owner were back to the top safe and sound. Once we arrived at our spot there was a very creative pinecone delivery service built. Pulleys, ropes and buckets were set up to move pinecones through the forest. Great team work! We also had some fun tying each other up and the Red Squirrels did a good job of listening to each other so when it was too tight or the person was done they could let them go or adjust things.

To recap the morning we drew a map or landmarks to tell the stories from the day. Everyone had a different highlight and took great care in drawing all the stories they remembered. Ask to see the map or drawings in their back pack!

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