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Red Squirrels, 5 Feb

Themes Explored:

  • Trail markers and best way to ensure your trail can be found in the snow.

  • Noticing things. We had a much loved scavenger hunt on the hill today finding silver baubles and bells in the trees (quite tricky to spot in a white landscape).

Skills Embraced:

  • Carving. Today we tried carving carrots. Unicorn horns, Elsa's castle, a rocket and a tunnel were some of our wonderful creations.

  • Persistence with challenging tasks. Cole put it best when he answered triumphantly, "Never give up", when I asked what strategy helped him get so high up the hill on our rope climb.

  • Tool skills. Hammers and nails, axes and saws... all were popular in tool circle today. It was a delight to see some very helpful partnerships happening in tool circle today...

Connection Questions:

  • Did you have fun sliding down the hill with Miss Jessie?

  • What did you carve with your carrot?

  • Did you climb the rope climb? was it challenging?

  • What did you learn about the best place to leave trail markers on snowy days? Where did Kikko's dad (from our story) leave markers for you to find? Did you find many?

  • Did you have fun on the ice slide?

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