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Rabbits, September 13th

We had an exciting morning of working in the tool circle, exploring our surroundings, practicing orienteering skills by spying on the Coyotes class and developing new and old relationships. This group of children is very adept at communicating with one another to strategize and build imaginative play scenarios. During an extended free play the kids worked together to build a fort out of loose parts and sticks where they negotiated materials, stayed engaged in role play and set up a target practice area for their bow and arrows. There was also impressive tree climbing where kids got to new heights through careful risk taking and encouragement from their peers.

Some of the learnings we saw in the tool circle were getting more confident at carving; what to look for when picking a stick for a bow or for an arrow; knot tying; saw use; and discussing ideas to further the weapon making through designing cross bows. Theo brought feathers to share from a grouse that his father had hunted the night before. The kids were very intrigued to learn from Theo and excited to add the feathers to their arrows. The fall is perfect to work on our carving skills while the weather is warm and we don't have to wear bulky gloves and clothing.

Moments were also taken throughout the morning to appreciate the last reminders of summer and new signs of fall.

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