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Rabbits, Sept 5

This Rabbits class is a cohesive group of energetic, creative individuals! Melanie and I are excited about what the year ahead holds; we observed their growing independence, their ability to rely on each other to complete a project, and their general happiness to be together - these are all ingredients to a wonderful Forest School year!

After learning each other's names (see if your child can remember a few, including their 'alliteration' - I am Lea Loon and there is also Magpie Melanie!), we enjoyed playing Camouflage, and experimenting with the free loose parts we brought with us; tarps, ropes, the hammock, tools, and the journals.

The "ROwls" (a combined Rabbits/Owls class) came and visited us, which was unexpected and welcomed! We hope to do more co-operative activities with them in the future ! Ask your child about the Catapult...what was their role in it, if anything?

We will continue to update you with the teacher news; for next week, your teachers will again be Melanie and Lea!

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