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Rabbits, Oct 15

Our Rabbits were active today with the leaves that we are learning to notice! Once you start looking, the colours are almost fantastical; orange dots, half and half leaves, and zombie (black) leaves! We wove them into our looms, then used the leaves from our leaf press to create works of art! They can continue to collect and press leaves to sew, paint and colour in class next week! There was an interest in both carving and swords, something we will continue in our work next week; the 'next steps' in our carving is making a point on a stick, and flattening a round stick. We also read the story The Little Hummingbird from the book; the children responded in their journals. One Rabbits wrote in her journal, "I do what I can, so why don't you help?". We will explore this question in the weeks to come! If you'd like to see the animation of the story, you can watch it at:

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