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Rabbits, Nov 30

We are so proud to be finished our totems. Every single child knows why they chose their particular animal, and how they are like them. See what they say! Just like a traditional totem pole carver, it took patience and time to make the shapes we wanted (and we learned carving skills along the way!), and we also learned more about each other and ourselves.

Along that vein, we played a game this morning, trying to bring to light the meaning the children have been giving to their ages. Apparently, being older allows more privileges, and being younger sometimes mean you won't be able to do something. In this game, only the youngest on your team could score. It was very hard for those more adept at soccer and hockey to use their team, and to make sure someone else scored! The feedback for the youngest players was "It was fun, because I scored!". We will continue to explore this social aspect!

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