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Rabbits, May 3

Today we wanted to gift the Rabbits with oodles of free time, with enough time to dig deep into their chosen play. After some balancing acts and a game, the teachers enjoyed observing and supporting the play of the children. Here's what they chose to do!

* make a log cabin

* make a bow and arrow, that actually worked

* make their own body paint

* retreat up the hill to hold down the fort

* collect rocks

* create gifts in the tool circle

* become a wolf protector (a wolf that protects!)

During all of this, the teachers watched for play cues and returns (how a person joins and responds to play), individual preferences in terms of play styles, how a child joined or left the play, new play groupings and how they resolved conflict (there was very little!). We saw an engrossed group of children who all knew what they wanted, and gave themselves over to it completely. Ask your child what, from the list above, they were involved in today!

Connection Questions:

- was there a time when you had a disagreement with someone? How did you resolve it?

- what does your project need next?

- who do you think you work well with at Forest School, and why?

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