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Rabbits, June 13th

Painting, pouch-making, free-time and fire. As many of you know, there was a grass fire that scorched part of the the McHugh bluff. With respect for the consequences of such an event we hiked to the affected areas and took note of our favourite spaces and whether or not they were harmed. We investigated. We noticed burn patterns. What happens to a forest after a fire? We talked about forest cycles. What will regrow? We already found some tender green blades of new grass shooting out from the charcoal. We marvelled that many of the trees that were singed at the bottom were still green at the top. We listened to see if we could still hear birds or if they had fled. We found bark that had peeled off a tree and noticed that it was still moist inside. We wondered what happens to a tree in fire. What does it do to try and protect itself. We also found lots of charcoal to draw and paint ourselves with.

Returning to our regular spot we settled in to work on our end of the year leather pouches. The class was extremely creative as we nailed holes through the leather, sewed, decorated, contemplated designs and talked about all sorts of topics. Often as adults we are told not to talk about politics or religion, but we would say this class navigated the topics with respect and curiosity. Sometimes with a creative activity at hand we provide a space to safely explore the thoughts of others.

We finished the day with free-play. Some took to the ropes and invented new swinging apparatuses. Some adventured with their pouches and others fell into a game of capturers and captured.

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