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Rabbits, 6 June

Beautiful wildflowers immediately captured the attention of our class this carried through with a scavenger hunt collecting and looking for specific phenomena as we hiked. The class went "bush-whacking" along the creek exclaiming... "we are adventurers, we are bush-whacking!"... enjoying the freedom to create their own path through the bushes and navigating by the creek. Once we reached the spring and waterfall a sense of wonder, joy and exploration was apparent and questions and observations arose from every direction about what a spring is, how it differed from the Winter, etc. The class enjoyed discovering new spaces, some danced and sang while others found nooks to pretend to be explorers in. We snacked and discussed our thoughts at a lookout vantage point then rappelled down some rocks to make our way to the river and a small beach. The class revelled in the coolness of the water as they played various imaginative games and explored with fascination the features of this small beach. For our sit spot we continued embroidering our leather pouches. Before closing our class we hiked to a vantage point and shared our reflections on the experience. It was a beautiful, joyful and rich learning experience... we are so grateful for spaces like Silver Springs Boardwalk which offer up even more varied environs to explore.

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