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Rabbits, 29 Mar

This class is working collaboratively on problem solving and creative challenges. Today we rolled an egg in a tire down an obstacle course without breaking the egg! ...then of course when this feat was achieved many times in ever increasing levels of risk, we then tried inventive ways of breaking the eggs.

This activity was absorbing for hours, they didn't want to stop... This was an activity the children designed and we facilitated, as teachers. An approach we endeavour to do take with most activities. It makes the children self-directed learners, enthusiastic collaborators and prideful in the results they achieve.

This class is developing excellent skills in collaboration, in sharing ideas, appreciating and supporting other's ideas and being positive about everyone having a go.

Harlan brought in a Wampun belt he had made and a book about the same that we all shared. This led to a discussion of the symbology depicted in wampum belts and their significance in some Indigenous cultures.

For our sit spot today, the interest in drawing that we saw in a previous class, inspired us to draw animals, using outline images as a guide. These drawings will be used in a class storytelling exercise next week. Bringing the creatures we draw to life in a world of our collective imagination, on a large canvass. Drawing skills will be developed further in coming weeks with an eye to supporting nature journalling and taking the opportunity to draw animals and plants as they come to life around us with the renewal of Spring.

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