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Rabbits, 28 Sept

Ropes were the hero of class today... In knot club we progressed through overhand, square, clove, bowline and monkey fist knots, some even had a go at figure eight and double figure eight knots. Helping each other master the knots and feeling mighty triumphant when they got it, this activity built confidence and developed persistence while modelling great peer support! These skills were transferred to fort building, slack lines, human pulley systems, swings, towing friends on tarps, soft toy 'stuffy' elevators and a ball-and-chain prisoner weight. The endless opportunities with ropes made for rich and vibrant play.

A rolling rhythm circle of rock and stick percussion brought us all together and we enjoyed a sharing circle with a talking stick, to debrief our experiences and express a little about ourselves. We also played some of our favourite games.

Connection Questions

- did you learn to tie a new knot today?

- what did you use ropes for in your play today?

- what did you share about in the sharing circle today?

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