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Rabbits, 20 Dec

Our Rabbits class, had fun both inside and outside today. We dug out the frozen ornaments we prepared last week (adorned with feathers, dried flowers, gems and shells). These creations allowed us to appreciate ice and its beauty and how its transparency can be used to feature objects in an interesting way.

We played games on our own and also with the Coyotes class. This was a great opportunity for some of our younger class to lead, explain and manage the game, a great leadership opportunity, especially with the added number of participants and older players involved. Versions of Coyote Stick and Coyote Mouse were played, keeping us active and employing strategies for success.

After a little trekking and sliding we made our way to cabin. There we played Inuit games including Muskox Fight and Back Push. We later played these with our Coyotes buddies. Developing strength, ease accepting both winning and losing and communicating and negotiating to develop rules and boundaries and suggest changes to the game.

We crafted embroidered cardboard snowflakes, developing fine motor skill and coordination and spatial understanding while conceptualising the flipping plane as we embroidered and considering geometric concepts in the different shapes we formed as we worked.

Irvin, our newest member of the class, led a tutorial on how to make paper airplanes. This great activity was engaging and provided ample opportunity for Irvin to demonstrate his confidence and leadership in taking on a teacher role and gave his peers the opportunity to listen patiently ask for his assistance. These planes became part of a game they created, that brought much excitement.

We told stories of how we celebrate at this time of year, as we shared these stories we threaded cranberries and popcorn garlands. The children were enthusiastic to share their stories and the garlands became necklaces and crowns and gifts for family and a fun way to talk about patterns and number.

Due to the weather our Winter Solstice celebration, which was planned for tomorrow evening (Wednesday 21st) will be postponed to January, we will be in touch about dates and details. We look forward to reconnecting with you all in the New Year, our next class is January 10th, all the best for the Holiday break. May nature, family, friends and feasting bring you joy in this Holiday Season!

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